Bengaluru: Social media again served as one of the biggest platforms in bringing to light a horrific incident. This time it was Bengaluru. A post regarding the death of a 23-year-old woman due to negligence of a private hospital in Udupi, went viral after it was shared around 1,27,000 times in less than 48 hours.

As per the post the 23-year-old indentified as Shruthi Suvarna died because of a doctor’s negligence.

The post said, that Shruthi Suvarna was 9 months pregnant and went to Dr. Chaaya from Gandhi Hospital in Udupi for a checkup. Dr. Chaaya attended her and initially gave Shruthi a pain killer injection and when Shruthi was in labour the baby stuck halfway. So Dr. Chaaya tried operating to get the baby out but while operating she cut the main blood nerve. Shruthi started bleeding and the inexperienced Dr. Chaaya couldn’t stop the bleeding and Shruthi died instantly. This is Dr. Chaaya’s 4th incident and no one has taken action against her.


The FB post was made by a social media user identified as Kanni Rajan who blamed the doctor of being incapable which supposedly lead to the young woman’s death.

“How can doctors whom we trust so much to save our life can be so negligent?” the post said, adding that Shruthi was the fourth victim of the inexperienced doctor.

As per sources, “She faced Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC). Her condition further worsened as the haemoglobin count decreased from 11 grams to 5 grams in few hours. Severe bleeding resulted in her death.”

Shruthi’s baby is reportedly healthy and fine said the hospital. Shruthi was from Pangala in Udupi and had married a year ago.

The doctors of the private hospital remained mum on the incident; however, a senior doctor said that the incident took place because of pregnancy complications.

Though a complaint was filed regarding the incident at Udupi Town Police station, no FIR has been filed as no post mortem was done. The police said that the relatives should have informed them immediately after the death, but they did not and went ahead and cremated the body. A post mortem would have been strong evidence to prove what had gone wrong, said a police official.

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