New Delhi: Fifty stray dogs were burned alive in a village in Kancheepuram district last week. The incident unfolded due to the charred carcasses of the dogs lying openly in the fallow village field.

Keezhamur villagers allege that the dogs were a menace to the neighbourhood and had many a times attacked cattle in the area, making it increasingly difficult for the farmers to control them.

To put an effective end to it all, the villagers incited the dogs with food laced with sedative. Poisoned and under control, the villagers then poured kerosene over more than 50 dogs and burned them alive in the open field. The remaining dogs are said to have succumbed to the poison.

Animal rights group have slammed the actions of the Keezhamur villagers citing that it was extremely shocking and grotesque to have unanimously decided to get rid of the stray dogs in this manner.

Palm and coconut leaves were later used in the field to eradicate the smell of the burnt carcasses.

An FIR has been registered under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

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