Srinagar: The Udaan Employment Scheme in the valley is opening doors for Kashmiri youth to join the Indian Corporate World. One success story is that of Adnan Bhatt, who says Udaan gave him the opportunity to reach out and secure the Indian dream of a middle class life.
“The Udaan Project in association with Bajaj Allianz GIC Ltd. gave me wings to fly high in my career,” Bhatt said.
With the number of registered unemployed youth crossing the six-lakh mark, Jammu and Kashmir has the highest unemployment rate of 5.3 percent in comparison to its four neighbouring states.
Bhatt said his life changed the day he came across the recruitment drive of Udaan and got selected as ‘Executive Trainee’.
“I was offered one-year of unique, intensive and innovative training programme in sales and marketing, including four months of inter-departmental training followed by eight months of on-job training aimed at developing business acumen in various departments,” he said.
Bhatt said he served the organisation with utmost dedication and hard work and garnered several laurels and feats.
The Kashmiri youth said Udaan gave him the opportunity to get training in Dubai and subsequently to qualify for the Young Leaders’ Programme.
He was also selected as Brand Ambassador for Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd, which in itself was a unique feat for a Kashmiri young man.
Bhatt said employment generation in the valley is a challenge, and Udaan is a step in the direction of getting young men and women to work at the Pan India level. The programme encourages youth to work in various corporate across the nation and in a sense is an outreach to mainstream for the Kashmiri youth.
In terms of economic activity in the state, the Fifth Economic Census conducted in 2005 indicates that there are 3.24 lakh establishments in the state presently engaged in different economic activities. As per a current estimate, the state needs at least five times that number of establishments just to provide a bare minimum level of employment. Experts say it is simply a challenge in present time and hence the youth need to explore job opportunities in other parts of India.
Candidates like Bhatt have made it and the message going out to the youth is to broaden their horizons and think in a national sense.
Bhatt said, “Credit goes to the Udaan Project for giving me a platform to work and get associated with esteemed Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. It has altogether been a journey full of learning.”
Bhatt’s story comes as a tale of pure inspiration and motivation for the youth, who are facing employment issues in the valley and are struggling to succeed.
The Udaan Employment Scheme is bound to uplift the lives of many such job aspiring and success-seeking youngsters in the state and lead them to horizons of accomplishment.

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