New Delhi: In a move which was welcomed by the majority of the students but shunned by some studying at University of Calcutta in West Bengal, the university introduced a separate canteen inside the campus catering only to women. 
One of the oldest universities in India, Calcutta University Vice Chancellor Sugata Marjit told reporters that since female students made up a considerable share in the university, a separate canteen for the female was “much desired”. He also added that one of his main agendas upon assuming VC position was to make the campus cleaner. 
But some of the students inside the campus aren’t amused by this move. Terming it regressive, one student said that this move by the campus would deepen the gap between the genders in the university, allowing for a retrogressive change.  
Another student pointed out that albeit the fees were both same for male and female, the university introducing an only-female canteen was unfair and was gender biased, he said. 

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