New Delhi: The prime suspect in the rape and murder the Dalit student from Kochi has been identified by the Kerala police, sources said on Thursday. 
The development comes after the police found footwear near the crime site. They have also probed the locals and migrant workers in the area.
The Kerala police have sent the blood samples of the suspect for examination to see whether it matches with that of the victim.
Earlier, the police had released a sketch of the suspect, which was created with the help of the eye witnesses.
The student was found dead at her home by her mother Rajeshwari who works as a casual labourer. Her body was badly mutilated and police spotted injuries on her sexual parts. 
The post-mortem report revealed that the victim was stabbed 30 times.
The probe team by now has questioned more than 200 people and has examined thousands of mobile calls made from the locality.