Bengaluru: Covered under the umbrella of superstition, residents of Pandarahalli village in Chitradurga district paraded a young boy naked on the streets in a bid to pray for rains and drive away the drought. 

On the third day of the three-day ritual, villagers of Pandarahalli village paraded a boy and made him walk naked to a stream outside the village. The charge of the district lies in the hands of H Anjaneya who also happens to be the Social Welfare Minister.

The ritual involved making the boy walk through the village in the nude while holding a Ganesh idol in his head. He was made to walk to a small stream outside the village even as pots full of water were repeatedly poured over his head.

District authorities and the Karnataka State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR) have taken cognisance of the incident which is against the juvenile justice act.

Reportedly, he was then made to chase the people into the village. Later, he was given new clothes and the entire village ate meals together.

Kripa Alva who is the chairperson of KSCPRC said that, “a representative of the department has been sent and a report is awaited after I receive the report, commission will decide on what action to take”.


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