NEW DELHI: Not even 24 hours after a DTC bus driver who was beaten to death by a biker in the national capital could get justice; another shocking incident of road rage has been reported in the metro city. This time, the incident turned even uglier as it was initiated by the lawmakers themselves. (Also Read: Bus driver, 42, beaten to death by 22-year-old biker. Who is responsible? Can compensation get a life back?)

A woman was attacked on a Delhi road after she refused to bribe to a police official. In a video accessed by NewsX, a Delhi Traffic Police head constable is seen throwing a brick at the girl as she denied fulfilling his bribery demands of Rs. 200.

Soon after the video went viral, the police announced the suspension of the Head Constable Satish Chandra with immediate effect.

Speaking about the incident, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi said, “The constable has already been suspended and I have ordered for a criminal case against him.”

While speaking with NewsX, the young woman attacked said that the policeman had hit her with the brick and twisted her arm after she denied paying him a bribe of Rs. 200.

The Police Chief has expressed his disappointment over the incident on behalf of the entire police department.

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