New Delhi: A special SIT court in Ahmedabad on Friday pronounced the quantum of punishment for the 24 convicted of murder and lesser offences in the 2002 Gulbarg society massacre case. The court gave life imprisonment to 11 convicts and none of them were awarded death penalties.

The court has ruled out Capital punishment for the accused. For the 11 accused of murder, the court has pronounced life imprisonment. From the 13 convicted of lesser offences, 12 have been sentenced for 7 years. 

The court had earlier deferred the sentence from June 6 to June 9, followed by the decision to pronounce the verdict on June 17. Out of the total 66 people accused in the massacre, 24 were convicted — 11 for murder and 13 other for lesser offences.

The prosecution in the case has demanded a strict punishment from the court which is either capital punishment or life imprisonment.