New Delhi: Pronouncing the verdict on the 2002 Gulbarg massacre, a special SIT court on Friday completely ruled out Capital punishment for the 24 accused in the case. 
The court in Ahmedabad sentenced 11 accused of murder to life imprisonment while the other 12 charged with lesser offences were sentenced 7 years in prison. Out of the 13, 12 have been sentenced to 7 years while 1 has been sentenced to 10 years. 
Some of the convicts, having already served more than 10 years in prison, might appeal to the court with the pronouncement of the sentence. 
The kins of the victims cried injustice and openly condemned the decision taken by the court. If the 11 accused were indeed sentenced with Capital punishment, it would entail for a controversial but historic decision taken by the court.
Both the defence and the prosecution might appeal to higher court following this SIT court’s decision. 
One of the kins of the victim cried that when parliamentarian Ehsan Jafri was paraded naked in the streets and his limbs were cut off before setting him on fire, the Ahmedabad court’s decision was comparatively ineffective, she said. Zakia Jafri said that she will appeal to a higher court. 

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