New Delhi: Gujarat Cabinet Minister Shankar Chaudhary didn’t do much to quell questions about his allegedly fake MBA degree when the minister wrote the word ‘elephant’ as ‘elephent’ to a class full of primary students.

Visiting a local school, the minister decided to teach some English to the students gathered in the room, but what he eventually did was carve out some indecipherable word in the blackboard and teach the students to repeat after him.

Shankar Chaudhary has not only been in the news for his invention of new spellings, but he has been the focus of news everywhere because of his fake MBA degree rumours. This latest incident might instigate people to ask the real question once again — does Chaudhary really have the basic qualification to boast of an MBA degree?

But Chaudary’s supporters, upon learning about the news, said that the minister was just testing the students so that they could correct him themselves.


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