New Delhi: After China’s opposition to India’s NSG push of India and the Pathankot incident, India is all set to pay back in kind in a big power assertion on the China border. The ITBP troops are now all set to celebrate Yoga Day at Ladakh’s Pangong Tso Lake, which is claimed both by India and by China.
India’s move is being seen as a calibrated response to China of trying to establish its territorial superiority and domination at Pangong Tso Lake.
Commenting on the issue the Home Ministry said that, the area being used for Yoga practice comes under India and that area itself is very huge, therefore China need not to be alarmed as the Yoga Day will be celebrated only on India’s territory.
Previously the Indian Army had celebrated Yoga Day there, in a small sort of way, but this time the Indian government went one step forward and decided to have the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) celebrate the big day.
The inclusion of the word ‘Tibet’ in the ITBP, is the other reason why China has been irked from some time. As per China, Tibet now does not share its border with India, therefore giving China complete sovereignty over the region. It has been China’s consistent demand that the name Indo-China Tibetan Border Police must be changed.

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