New Delhi: Namutebi Rachael, a 23-year-old woman hailing from Uganda, has been the guest of an NGO in Birbhum district for more than 2 years. The young woman says she misses her home and longs to be back with her people.

Rachael had come to India on a business trip and was out shopping with her friends when she suddenly fell sick. “I was taken to a big hospital. They treated me there and I got treatment. There was improvement,” said Rachael, who professed that she didn’t remember anything about what happened after that.

Of the shelter home, Rachael said she is unperturbed about people teasing her and instead enjoyed it. But the stranded woman said that sometimes she feels sad, fed up and then she takes rest. Lost in an environment she was completely unused to, Rachael said she had trouble eating the food and understanding the dialect spoken around her.

Malnourished and lonely, Rachael has appealed to NewsX for help in getting her back to her home.  

The Mamata Banerjee government has been unresponsive so far about the plight of Namutebi Rachael — a heartbreaking story of longing for home which could’ve been easily fixed by a slight diplomatic intervention.

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