New Delhi: Vijay Mallya has made a response to the media reports on his “gate crash” at a book launch event held in London.

He retweeted Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s tweet that read: “Mallya would never gate crash any event. He must have been invited at the book launch event”.

The King of bad loan was spotted at a London event on Saturday hosted by the Indian envoy.

Mallya wrote: “I’m not a gate crasher and I would never be one. Never gate crashed in my life. What is happening to me is unprecedented. Wait till final judgement are pronounced and keep quiet till then Mr Bhargav. We all know the contribution you have made.

Mallya went on to say that, “No evidence, no chargesheet, before claiming all these should I not be given a change to pursue my legal remedies most unfair.”

He said that he went there for his friend who is the author of the book.

Mallya wrote, “Astonished at so much prime time being devoted to me. Please wait for the judicial outcome before branding me. This is a practical comment. We have a justice system and you must wait till I’m given the opportunity to challenge.”

However, he has not mentioned the name of the person who invited him to the event.

NewsX has accessed the details that revealed how the Indian High Commission, which co-organised the event, sent an invitation to the absconder Mallya.

However, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has maintained that the invite for the event were sent by London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

The envoy reportedly left the venue immediately after he spotted Mallya sitting in the audience.

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