New Delhi: NewsX has accessed an exclusive video of Vijay Mallya’s private luxury jet being cleaned by the airport staff at Mumbai airport. There have been speculations that the aircraft is being cleaned for auctioning.
The airbus is a customised aircraft which was especially designed to suit the needs of the liquor baron Vijay Mallya. The nose region of the aircraft has the names of Mallya’s children inked on it. The service tax department is planning to recover around 6000 cr from the airlines. Auctioning the aircraft is a step in the same direction.
Currently, the aircraft owned by Vijay Mallya, is in the Mumbai airport but is completely unused. The staff of Kingfisher airlines has also urged that whatever amount is recovered by selling the aircraft it should be used to clear their dues.
Earlier, also there were several attempts to auction the aircrafts of Vijay Mallya but there were no bidders at that time, but this time the authorities are hopeful that there would be someone who would initiate to buy this plane and the amount is to be expected in millions.