Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was seen taunting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that if the PM is serious about yoga, then he should ensure countrywide liquor prohibition. However, a sting operation by NewsX has exposed the reality of liquor ban in Bihar. 
Despite ban on liquor, NewsX investigation reveals how suppliers and agents mint money by selling illicit alcohol across the state. The sting shows a rural area wherein the liquor has been allegedly stored in a house from where the suppliers sell it to their clients. 
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on June 19 took a dig at Narendra Modi’s call to celebrate World Yoga Day on June 21, saying that if the Prime Minister is so serious about yoga then he should ban liquor, at least in all the BJP-ruled states.
Bihar government banned liquor in April, making it the fourth dry state in the country after Gujarat, Kerala and Nagaland.