NEW DELHI: Nepal was once again hit by a powerful earthquake on Tuesday around 12:35 PM (IST). With its epicentre at Nepal-China border, the shake was of 7.3 magnitude on the Richter scale. 

Major tremors were also felt in India where Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal were largely affected.

A big number of people have been killed in Nepal in the fresh earthquake that also claimed 17 lives in India. The aftershocks continue to hit Nepal. 

In such a situation, people often panic and have no clue on how to react and what to do. And in this panicked situation, people a lot of times, end up making deadly mistakes. Remember how several people were killed during a stampede at Varanasi in last month’s earthquake?

Here are simple instructions to follow during and after an earthquake that would save not only your life, but several others.

What to do during an earthquake?

•First and foremost, stay calm! 
•If you are indoors, remain there and if you are outside, stay there. Do not create commotion.
•Stand against a wall near the centre of the building if you are indoors. Stand in a doorway or simply move slowly under heavy furniture like a desk or a table. 
•If indoors, stay away from the main doors or windows.
•If you are outside, make sure you are standing in a big open space, far from the power lines or things that are likely to drop.
•Never use any matches, candles or any flame during that time.
•Do not smoke during an earthquake.
•If you are driving or are seated in a car, stop the car and stay inside until it stops. 
•Do not use elevators. 

What to do after an earthquake?

•First check yourself of any injuries and then see others. 
•Extend first aid to the person in need
•Make sure water, gas, and electric lines are not damaged. If there is any issue, shut off the valves. 
•Check the gas smell and if you feel there is something, open the windows immediately and report to the authorities at the earliest. Do not use your phone in this situation, use someone else’s mobile.
•Do not use the phones until it is an emergency.
•Stay out of damaged buildings. They might fall.
•Switch on the radio.
•Stay away from beaches. Chances of Tsunamis and seiches may hit after earthquake stops. 
•Follow emergency plan or the instruction of the person in charge, if you are in school or at work. 
•Expect aftershocks.

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