New Delhi: The safety of passengers is not at all the top priority of national carrier Air India.

NewsX investigation has found how over the past few years Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India (DGCA) has lowered the safety norms of flight operating out of India.

The papers accessed by NewsX give a chronological sequence of how rules have been diluted on Air India’s request so that more money can be made by the airline.

From reducing flight rest period to cutting down cabin crew’s strength, DGCA has allowed Air India to take the safety of passengers for a ride.

They have also chosen to ignore several warnings from the staff itself. In fact, some of the crew have been punished for questioning the change in crew rest guidelines.

The number of crew members on board on these flights has been drastically reduced.

The Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) have been curtailed and watered down every single time.

Former DGCA official Kanu Gohain said the regulatory body has framed certain regulation regarding the flight time limitation for both the cockpit crew and the cabin crew. The rules are available in documents published. They have legal entity and it is for all the airline operators including private and public transport aircraft as far as they are Indian registered aircrafts.

“If there are cases of violation of the rules, there could either be organisational management lapse or individual lapse or it could be the unit monitors,” he said.

A whistleblower from Air India who brought out the details said when the long range flight started; the DGCA had a meeting with the cabin crew association and the management of Air India and at that that, it was decided what would be the rules for long-haul flight. DGCA has done away with everything. He also said that they expected the government to give them justice but all in vain.

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