Lucknow: As the elections in Uttar Pradesh are approaching, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is trying to drop all the allegations of being anti-Dalit. BJP president Amit Shah had dinner at a Dalit’s house in efforts to wash the anti-Dalit image of the party, but a BJP MLA Ravindra Chavan from Maharashtra has ruined all the efforts made by the party.
The BJP MLA from Maharashtra made an analogy by comparing BJP’s efforts towards the upliftment of Dalit community as “Abraham Lincoln taking out pigs from the sewer and cleaning them”. 
This remark by the BJP MLA has sparked a massive outrage throughout the nation. This analogy by the MLA has received strong reactions on social media. 
The SC/ST panel has issued a show cause notice to the BJP MLA and has asked the DGP of Maharashtra to file an FIR in the matter.