NEW DELHI: In the growing corporate espionage scandal controversy, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that people involved in the case would not be spared and a strict action would be taken against them.

Singh further added that the investigations led by Delhi Police would soon expose everything. “Jaldhi doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani ho jayega (Soon everything will be clear). No guilty person would be spared and strictest punishment would be given to them,” he said.

The minister of the Modi cabinet did not rule the nexus of middlemen and some government officials in the case and intended to expand the investigations to other ministries.

On being asked about the involvement of middlemen, Singh added, “It is possible. I am not ruling out any possibility. Delhi Police investigating the whole issue. I think the issue will come to light very soon.”

Singh added, “But it is certain that such things have been going on for a long time and that is why the situation has reached such a stage.”

Singh said it is a matter of satisfaction that the espionage case has been unravelled by the NDA government. “If we were not alert, these things would not have come to light,” he said.

12 people in the case have been arrested so far in the case including five senior executives from top energy firms and two consultants.

The case revolves around the leaking of the classified documents including an input for upcoming Finance Minister’s budget speech.

(With PTI Inputs)