New Delhi: Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien on Wednesday said the privileges committee will re-examine its report on tapping of Arun Jaitley’s phone as it was the unanimous view of the house.

Kurien, who heads the privileges committee, also said that if the house wants the scope of study to be expanded to cover phone tapping in general, a notice will have to be submitted by one of the members.

“The committee does not take any matter suo motu and examines only matters which are referred to it either by the house or by the chairman… If Anand Sharma or any other member wants issue of telephone tapping of sitting members also be examined, he should either give a notice and move it in the house… or give notice to the chairman,” Kurien said.

The report stands recommitted to the committee for review since the house unanimously agreed on it.

The case of tapping of then Rajya Sabha Leader of Opposition Arun Jaitley came to light in 2013, when Delhi Police constable Arvind Dabas, who allegedly tried to get access to Jaitley’s Call Details Records (CDRs) was arrested. The matter was then referred to the privileges committee.

Dabas tried to get the CDRs of Jaitley, now union finance minister, by using the login of an assistant commissioner of police.

A report of the privileges committee of the Rajya Sabha in a report presented on last week said it was not a breach of privilege.

Members in the upper house had then asked the report to be reconsidered, while some members suggested subject of study should be expanded to overall phone tapping.

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