New Delhi: Twitter was abuzz with users’ response on Brexit after Britain voted in favour of exiting the European Union (EU) on Friday.

Here are some of the best comments by twitterati on Brexit:

Finace Minister Arun Jaitley (@arunjaitley): “We respect the referendum’s verdict. We are also aware of its significance in the days ahead and in medium term.”

Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das (@DasShaktikanta): “Brexit: No need for any knee jerk reaction. We are in constant touch with regulators.”

US Republican presidential nominee Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump): “Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!”

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In response, American journalist Roland Sebastian Martin (@rolandsmartin) tweeted: “This man is utterly clueless about #Brexit. First, he never even knew what it was. And Scotland voted to stay!”

American actor Jeffrey Wright (@jfreewright) also responded to Trump: “‘Back’ to what? 1945? Scotland voted against #Brexit 60+ per cent, you wee-man dolt.”

British novelist JK Rowling (@jk_rowling): “Scotland will seek independence now. Cameron’s legacy will be breaking up two unions. Neither needed to happen.”

Indian fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar (@atulkasbekar): “Wait, did scotch whiskey just get cheaper by ten per cent?”

Former Central Intelligence Agency employee Edward Snowden (@Snowden): “No matter the outcome, #Brexit polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson.”

London-based reporter Joel Lewin (@JoelLewin): “10 per cent- this is pound’s worst fall ever. Next was 4.3 per cent in 1978. The experts were indeed wrong- not pessimistic enough”

British political commentator and author Imogen Lloyd Webber (@illoydwebber): “Old have decided for the young but don’t have to live with it. Devastating.”

A day ahead of the vote on Brexit, a team led by researchers from the Imperial College Business School, London, on Thursday said it tracked 21,000 messages sent from British Twitter users who were engaged in discussion about the EU Referendum using hashtags such as “#Brexit”, “#LeaveEU”, “#Go”, “#Remain”, etc.

They monitored both the topics in tweets to other users and the overall volume of Twitter traffic in relation to the EU Referendum across Britain, to get an insight into how polarised people’s views are in the lead up to a major political event.

The most active users in the Leave group were shown to both engage in dialogue and provide information whereas people supporting Remain were more likely to just provide information to fellow users, according to the researchers.

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