New Delhi: A frustrated farmer in the outskirts of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, wrote a letter to the District Magistrate, Superintendent of Police, Chief Minister and the Prime Minister seeking permission to kill the former head of his village. 
Alleging that he was being harassed by the former head of his village and some other individuals, the farmer said that the issue had erupted out of a land being allotted to the farmer’s name. Saying that his land was unregistered, the farmer said that he and his family was constantly being harassed. 
It maybe believed that because of the farmer’s land being unregistered, the former village head tried to force the land away from the farmer. 
Speaking on the matter, police in the region said that there was no permission whatsoever to be given to murder someone. The cop said that he had spoken to the DM and that investigation will soon take place.   

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