New Delhi: One of the country’s prominent news channels Aaj Tak was itself in news but for the wrong reasons. A mistake by one of its social media team members led to the #ShameOnAajTak and #BlockAajTak trend on Twitter. 
It all happened when a post from the official Twitter handle of AajTak went miserably wrong. A photo was posted, having two sections, showing interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with rival channel Times Now’s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami and India Today’s anchor Karan Thapar. The picture with Arnab Goswamy read ‘When interviewed by Chamchas’ and the one with Thapar read ‘When interviewed by a Journalist.’ The caption of the picture said, ‘Ahem Ahem! Yuki ye maine nahi bola:)’ 
Netizens slam accidental Tweet, #ShameOnAajTak, #BlockAajTak trending
The image showed the nervousness of PM Modi which led him to drink water again and again when some hard-hitting questions were posed upon him by Karan Thapar. The situation was juxtaposed during his interview with Arnab which showed him to be very comfortable and friendly. 
Such a picture posted from a random account wouldn’t have bothered most, but coming from an official handle of a news channel created buzz on social media. But, it’s not how it looks. The tweet was supposed to be posted from the personal account of AajTak’s staff, but he accidentally tweeted it from AajTak’s handle. 
The channel also issued a clarification which said, “Our apologies. This was to go from someone’s personal handle. Since we have humans behind the machines, please do omit.”
However, BJP supporters were not pacified by the clarification and went on to launch the hashtag #ShameOnAajTak which trended for almost whole of June 28. People were relentless in their tirade on Wednesday as well, with #BlockAajTak trending all over India.

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