New Delhi: After the National Investigation Agency (NIA) caught hold of six suspected Islamic State (IS) terrorists from Hyderabad, a probe on Thursday revealed that the group’s main intention was to spark riots.

Syed Naimath Ullah Hussaini, 42, of Moghalpura; Muzaffar Hussain Rizwan, 29, of Talab Katta; Mohammed Ataullah Rehman, 30, of Bandlaguda; Abdul, 32, of Yusuf Gulshan colony; A.M. Azhar, 20 of Talab Katta; and Mohammed Arbaz Ahmed, 21, of Chandrayan Gutta were detained on Wednesday and were later released late night.

The group had planned that they would place beef inside top temples and spark riots between the communities. Temples such as the Bhagyalakshmi was the first target on the radar of the terrorists.

They had also planned to deploy ‘beef bombs’ which would trigger riots in sensitive places during the month of Ramzan. Though the IS sympathisers did not admit to any elaborate plans of attacks in the city, their main objective was to spark a mass upheaval in the state.

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