New Delhi: Sonu was just another six-year-old kid in the neighbourhood; loved by his friends and those who knew him. But in a devastating turn of events, Sonu went missing; and his distraught family did all they could to scrounge for more information about their lost son. But it was all to no avail until recently when his family received a call from Bangladesh.  

Sonu was kidnapped from New Delhi on 2010, and the kidnapper took Sonu all the way to Bangladesh. It was after an anonymous phone call from Bangladesh to Sonu’s family which incited the government to spring into action.




Sonu, who was staying at a child rehabilitation centre in Jessore, was taken under the custody of the Indian embassy in Bangladesh and then transferred to New Delhi. Sharing the good news on Twitter was the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj: “Sonu, who was kidnapped from Delhi was found in a shelter home in Bangladesh. We matched the DNA with his mother. The test is positive.”




Sonu arrived on Thursday in Delhi amidst a crowd that was expectant of seeing the infant who had spent six years in a foreign land. Sonu’s father said he was overjoyed that he had finally found his son and also thanked Sushma Swaraj for making it all possible.


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