New Delhi: A shocking display of apathy was caught on camera on Friday when kins of a 7-year-old girl who was raped first and then murdered were refused rites of cremation and were lathi-charged instead by the police.

The kins of the murdered child, who had submitted the body for a post-mortem inspection, had demanded from the police the retrieval of the body for cremation. The father of the diseased child did not want the police to cremate the body of his daughter.

Calling it a law and order situation, the cops are seen relentlessly beating the victim’s kin in the video and are seen grabbing the father by his throat and dragging him away from the ground.

Earlier in the month, the 7-year-old child was abducted from her house in the middle of the night by a 15-year-old boy who then raped and eventually murdered her. Police had initially refused to register case against the accused for more than a week.  



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