New Delhi: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notice to the Delhi Police over reports of delayed action in a case where a boy died after a scuffle.
According to the commission, which took cognizance of the issue through media reports, police delayed action in the incident involving the death of 14-year old Rajat Menon in a scuffle with two paan kiosk owners in Mayur Vihar area in east Delhi on Wednesday9.
The commission also learned that the two paan masala sellers sold marijuana to many people in the area and a complaint about their behaviour was made to police earlier also. 
“Allegedly, the police are in connivance with the sellers and are being given a cut from the profit they make. The paan masala sellers even had molested the local women but police did not register the case,” said a statement from the commission.
Observing the reports, the commission has said that the issue raises serious issues of violation of right to life and right to health in the wake of contraband substances being supplied by the local shops without any preventive and prohibitive action by police. 
The commission issued notice to the Delhi Police calling for reports within a week about the circumstances leading to Menon’s death and about the timing of the FIR registration.

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