New Delhi: Cases of murders over revenge and people who are not able to accept defeat in ‘love’ seems to be on the rise. After the Chennai techie murder a few days back, the killing of another young girl has come to light. Adilabad district of Telangana saw a young girl being cruelly murdered after she refused to enter into a relationship with the accused.
According to reports, the incident happened after the victim girl named D Sandhya (19), a resident of Bhainsa town in Adilabad district was proposed by a second-year college student M Mahesh (22), but the girl refused his proposal.
The accused who was not able to accept the refusal murdered Sandhya on Saturday afternoon by slitting her throat when she was visiting a local market.
Reports also suggest that in the past few months, the accused had been stalking the girl in an attempt to make her accept his proposal. Meanwhile the locals caught Mahesh and handed him to the police.
Exactly a week earlier an Infosys employee named ‘Swathi’ was murdered in broad daylight at a railway station in Chennai. 

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