New Delhi: Following the Dhaka terror attack where a group of seven terrorists killed twenty hostages, Chief of al Qaeda India on Monday issued a vitriolic sermon asking all Indian Muslims to carry out jihad against government officials. 

Maulana Asim Umar, the chief of al Qaeda in India, said that it was time for Indian Muslims to launch lone-wolf operations against senior Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officials. 

The cleric in his sermon said that the Indian government officers were responsible for carrying out attacks against Indian Muslims. “How could anyone dare to just take knives and cut Muslims like vegetables? We say if the Indian state is not involved in the massacre of Muslims, then Muslim youth should also be given free hand, as given to Hindu mobsters during riots,” Umar said. 

“Kill senior officers of institutions and administrative departments that get people to incite riots. Target IPS and IAS officers, cause them financial losses,” the al Qaeda chief said. 

However, al Qaeda is not known for carrying out lone-wolf terror attacks. Umar urged the Indian Muslims to follow the examples of the militants in Syria. 



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