New Delhi: After the brutal massacre that took place in an elite café in Dhaka on 1st July, India has decided to take all possible measures in order to safeguard the nation and its public.

In a decision which came to effect right after the Dhaka incident, the Indian government has suspended the services of Maitree Express which is the only train connecting Kolkata to Dhaka.



The Maitree Express which runs six days a week from both sides, Dhaka and Kolkata is the only train on the route. The train’s service has been temporarily stopped for security reasons.

The Maitree Express or Moitree Express or Dhaka-Kolkata Express is an International passenger train serving the railway connecting the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka and the Indian state West Bengal’s capital Kolkata.

The name Maitree Express means the Friendship Express, denoting the significance of the train service to the foreign relations between India and Bangladesh.The train travels around 375 kilometers to reach Dhaka from Kolkata. It takes around 10–11 hours to cover the entire stretch. There are two stops for immigration checking; one is Gede (Indian side) and the other is Dorshona (Bangladesh side).


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