Chennai: The Chennai police have finally found the dog that was hurled from a multi-storied building by two medical students. The incident occurred some place on the outskirts of Chennai.
Doctors said, the dog is being treated for fractures.
In the meantime the police are on the look out for the two college students who threw the dog off the rooftop.
“We put the video of a person throwing a dog from the roof-top of a building in the Facebook and got several leads and confirmed that the two persons on the video were students of a medical college,” activist Shravan Krishnan told IANS.
He said the police were also very helpful in identifying the persons who did the cruel act.
The video of the incident, uploaded on social media a couple of days back, wrung the hearts of even the strongest as it showed a youth on the roof top of a multi-storied building holding a dog which he cold-bloodedly threw off.
Police also reached the college and held discussions with the college authorities.
Reportedly, police have urged the parents of the accused to see that their wards surrender at the earliest.

(With inputs from IANS)

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