Mumbai: The Mumbai police have decided to offer security to Islamic preacher Zakir Naik in view of what can be presumed as security threats to him.
Naik has been in the eye of a controversy, with people gunning for him saying that he was preaching hate. Naik is an Indian Islamic preacher, who has been called an “authority on comparative religion.”
Following the Dhaka cafe attack, there were allegations against the Islamic preacher Zakir Naik that he had ‘inspired’ some of the Dhaka terrorists to commit murder and kill innocent civilians. The Holey Bakery attack saw the terrorists kill 28 innocent people in a mere 20 minutes.
Naik has, however, denied all these allegations and said that he never preached terror or any violent form of Islam. He is expected to release his statement on this entire controversy.
Naik was under the scanner after it came to light that two of the seven Dhaka terror attackers were inspired by his speeches.
Manzoor Sheikh, Naik’s Deputy while defending him said, “This is malicious propaganda against Zakir Naik. If you hear the speeches, he has never encouraged terrorism. He quotes from Quran and says if any person is killed then the whole of humanity is killed. Terrorism should not be encouraged; he never said anything for it. In 2006-2007, he said we Muslims should be terrorists for wrong doers. Whole statement is taken in the wrong context.”
Mumbai security forces have come out and offered him security when he returns to the country. There are groups in the country who are pushing a ban on Zakir Naik.
Naik, is a controversial preacher from India, who is banned in the UK, Canada, Malaysia and Indonesia. He is widely popular in Bangladesh through his Peace TV, although his preaching often demeans other religions including other Muslim sects.
Two of the five young militants who slaughtered 20 innocent people at the Holey Artisan Bakery in the Bangladeshi capital are known to have followed three controversial Islamists — Anjem Choudary, Shami Witness and Zakir Naik.
Nibras Islam, 22, used to follow two alleged suspected recruiters of Islamic State — Anjem Choudary and Shami Witness — on Twitter in 2014, reported The Daily Star.
Another young militant Rohan Imtiaz, son of an Awami League leader, propagated on Facebook last year quoting Peace TV’s controversial preacher Zakir Naik “urging all Muslims to be terrorists”.
Father of terrorist Rohan Imtiaz while speaking to NewsX said, “I have never followed his (Zakir Naik) lecture, cannot say about what he is preaching. I can ensure you that my son has not gone abroad; he didn’t go out of Bangladesh. I am sure because his passport was blocked by me.”
Amidst the controversy, the Bangladesh government is likely to probe the ‘Naik-Dhaka’ link. 

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