New Delhi: A video of Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh has surfaced online which shows the Congress leader sharing stage with Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

Zakir Naik’s name has recently started creating fresh controversies after the terrorists who attacked a cafe in Dhaka said that they were ‘inspired’ by the sermons of Zakir Naik.

Digvijaya Singh can be seen in the video praising Zakir Naik and calling him the messenger of peace and he also adds that Zakir Naik is spreading the message of peace throughout the world.

The Ex-Congress Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh shared the stage with Zakir Naik in 2012. This video is taken from the time when Digvijaya Singh was taking a keen interest in minority groups to polarise votes.

Zakir Naik is banned in many countries like UK, Canada, Malaysia, for his speeches. The channel ‘Peace TV’ featuring his programs is also banned in many countries.

In 2010, Zakir Naik also made a controversial statement by saying that the 9/11 attack was self-inflicted by US themselves. The same year, he had also mentioned that world-renowned terrorist and LeT chief Osama-Bin-Laden was fighting Islam’s enemies.


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