New Delhi: NewsX on Thursday accessed the video of gunfire of the Kishoreganj attack in Bangladesh. The visuals in the video show how the gunfight took place in the passageway that leads to the eidgah.
According to reports, during the gunfire one stray bullet entered a house located in the area of conflict and hit a 42-year-old woman who lost her life. It is clear that the terrorists had a plan to attack the Eidgah.
One injured terrorist was later taken to the hospital and the rest of them were captured and taken to Dhaka for questioning and interrogation.
Today’s fresh terrorist attack that took place in Bangladesh’s Kishoreganj area during a mass Eid prayer left 2 dead and 12 injured. Defence experts expressed condemnation on the attack.
Defence expert PK Sehgal on Thursday said the attack on the occasion of Eid was ‘expected’ adding that the pro-Pakistan opposition party was attempting to destabilise the pro-India Sheikh Hasina Government by carrying out such

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