New Delhi: NewsX inspection found Delhi’s famed Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium in shambles; Jawarharlal Nehru stadium is arguably the largest and the best in India. The ground report by NewsX clearly revealed that sports authorities and ministry neglected the state of the stadium. The situation of the athletic track was so poor that the tracks had caved in at more than 5 places.

The stadium that hosted the Common Wealth Games in India and showcased a grand event did not get enough attention by the Sports Authority of India, Indian Olympic Association or the sports ministry.

The truth behind the status of the facilities has been exposed by NewsX at a time when the athletes should be rehearsing and practising for the mega show at the Rio Olympics.

The trials of the Olympics were conducted in the same stadium with the same condition. The athletes’ physiques are also put to risk as they are told to use the track in the same condition.

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