New Delhi: For the first time in India a ‘fat tax’ on fast food items has been imposed by a state government. The Kerala government has imposed a fat tax on consumers who will opt for junk food items like pizza, burger, taco, etc.

The state’s finance minister Issac Thomas who on Friday presented the state government’s first budget said that a 14.5% tax will be imposed on branded restaurants selling fast food items like pizza, burger, etc. Eminent fast food chains in the state such as Dominos, Pizza Hut, Subway and others will all now charge the customer a new fat tax of 14.5% on their meals.



An estimate of around Rs 10 crores is said to be generated by this new tax scheme. This move may help curb the problem of juvenile obesity among youngsters in different cities of the state. It will be interesting to see if this fat tax will also be imposed on the Indian oily-fatty food items as well or will it just be confined to the fast food items available in branded fast food chains.

The fat-tax move by the Kerala government is being praised and welcomed by the citizens of Kerala. The Kerala public is impressed and believes that this step by the government will definitely be significant in countering the increasing health problems and also the funds generated could be utilised for something better.