New Delhi: At least 15 Muslims from Kerala are reportedly missing from the Middle East where they had gone recently and are feared to have joined the Islamic State. The missing persons include five married couples and one of them was with a two-year-old child.

Relatives of the missing persons received messages claiming that they have reached the place of “divine rule… Islamic State.”

While 11 of those missing hail from Kasaragod, the other four are from Palakkad district.

The 15 persons, all of them were described as educated left their homes for the Middle East separately over the last month. A few of them are engineering and medical graduates and some of them had worked in the Gulf and Bangalore before.

They are believed to have been in touch with each other.

The youths reportedly left on different days in the last one month. Relatives of one of those missing said the youths left on different days in the last one month.

Kerala police confirmed that the 15 youths who visited the Middle East have not returned to Kerala.

However the families have not approached local police with a formal complaint.

2 responses to “15 Kerala Muslims go missing in Middle East; feared to be with Islamic State”

  1. since the families have not aproached the police the youths have left to fight with the consent of families. the police need not worry, the only way is they should not be allowed to enter india again.

  2. The only thing that the terrorist cares is their parents ,peers and social acceptance. So, counseling the parents and exposing them to social media and society will make them ashamed and under pressure.If some of you have better idea, please come forward.

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