New Delhi: Trouble could be brewing for Delhi chief secretary Rajendra Kumar. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which is probing a corruption case against him, said that the voice samples it collected while investigating him actually belong to the senior bureaucrat.

It could also spell major embarrassment for the Delhi government, which has been backing the beleaguered bureaucrat.

The revelation by the CBI comes on a day the agency raided 6 locations across Delhi, Noida and Agra. The agency also claimed that Sandeep Kumar, one of Kumar’s close aides and a co-accused has confessed to his involvement in the scam.

The clips in question were collected by the CBI during the infamous December 15 raid at CM’s office, which prompted the furious CM to brand PM Modi a ‘psychopath’

These clips were sent to CFSL to establish if the voice in the clips belonged to Kumar, which it did.

Rajendra Kumar, Sandeep Kumar and Dinesh Gupta are the three accused in the corruption case. The latter two are said to be close aides of the former.

CBI had booked Rajendra Kumar for allegedly favouring a private company in five contracts worth Rs. 9.5 crore during 2007-14.

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