Mumbai: In a bizarre move, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has proposed spraying deodorant worth Rs 1.15 crore in the Deonar dumping yard to prevent the stench coming from the area, though the move of Deonar deodorant proposal has come under heavy criticism.
With the BMC expecting an increase in garbage at Deonar landfill during the monsoons, many are asking if the government has any idea of how to deal with this problem. The BMC and the Maharashtra government had struggled with fires at the landfill few a months back.
Criticising this move by the state government, Deonar’s Local Corporator Rais Shaik said, “We need a comprehensive solution to the Deonar problem. Unfortunately, the lower officers are just interest in making money out of misery. We don’t need deodorant instead we need better living conditions.”
Deonar dumping ground has been in the news due to successive fires that have broken out in the past two months. Deonar was engulfed with fire a few days back on March 19 which led to forming of a thick layer of smog around the area causing serious health problems and trouble for the locals.