Agra: Whosoever thinks that Saas-Bahu dramas are only limited to televisions, think again! Olga Efimenkova, a Russian bahu, has been sitting at the door-step of her in-laws as a sign of protest in Indrapuri locality of Agra in order to seek her husband’s share of property from her mother-in-law.

The Russian bahu, Olga Efimenkova, is so adamant to not to end her protest that despite frequent rainfall, she sat on dharna outside the house with her son demanding her husband’s share of property.

Sources say Olga had been married to Vikrant Singh Chandel and they have a son. The couple had earlier been residing in Goa but returned to Agra after suffering losses in business.

However, when the couple reached back to their house, they were denied the entry to the house as Vikrant’s mother Nirmala Chandel had already gifted the property to her daughter. This agitated Olga and she went and sat on a dharna at the doorstep.



Olga said, “I have already informed New Agra police and Russian Embassy about the situation, but the police was reluctant in registering the case as they say it is a case of property dispute between family members.”

Speaking on the matter, Olga’s mother-in-law Nirmala Chandel said that she is living in a single room and had gifted the house to her daughter who is estranged from her husband.

The mother-in-law Nirmala Chandel further added, “My daughter runs a school on the premises. I have already given Rs 11 lakh to Vikrant. Now I have nothing left with me to give to him.”  She also claimed that her son and daughter-in-law gamble and consume liquor and have not cared about her.

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