New Delhi: Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, who is under the National Investigative Agency’s (NIA) scanner after the Dhaka terror attack, has been called as unfit to preach by a prominent Islamic body Darul Uloom Deoband.

Citing that Naik’s polemic approach was disagreeable and filled with anti-American rhetoric, Darul Uloom stated that the controversial preacher who is banned in several countries sustains an ideology that has a severed relation with the four schools of Islamic thought.

Darul Uloom has gone so far as to issue several fatwas against Zakir Naik. Albeit Naik is met with reverential fervour by his followers for his far-reaching knowledge of the Quran and his ability to recall verses from it, the fatwas issued by Darul Uloom rejects Naik as a “Ghair Muqallidin” who does not understand Islam according to the four schools of thought.

“I don’t agree with his polemical approach. Islam is a religion of dialogue. As far his sources are concerned, he has a Salafi line of thinking. But one thing is clear that he doesn’t preach wanton violence as is often accused,” Akhtarul Wassey, professor of Islamic studies at Jamia Millia Islamia university, said.

Founder of Meerut’s Hidaya madrassa and a former Darul Uloom, said, “We are not going into whether Zakir Naik knows Quran or not. No, we are not saying that. We are saying it is important to follow one or the other maslak, all equally valid.”

Many of the Sunni Muslims around the world turn to guidance on Islamic thoughts from either Al-Azhar University in Cairo or Darul Uloom in India.


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