New Delhi: Gaurav Tiwari became a paranormal investigator when he discovered that an ‘unknown force’ inside his rented house was behind the negative spiral in his profession as a pilot. He became so thoroughly engrossed in studying about the death and undying that he soon became an expert on paranormal activity.

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However, behind the scenes of shows like Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone and MTV girls’ night out, the TV actor and real-life paranormal researcher dealt with more than just screams and sobs. Gaurav confessed one day to his wife that a negative force was pulling him towards ‘it’. A month later after his confession, Gaurav died in the bathroom of his home in Dwarka.

The founder of the Indian Paranormal Society who has been to more than 6,000 locations studying whether it was paranormal activity or UFO abductions died in his bathroom when his wife and his father were in the same flat. Police claimed that Gaurav had died due to asphyxiation, a proof solidified by a black string found on Gaurav’s neck.

But, for Gaurav’s family who are largely skeptic of ghosts, his death raises more questions than genuine sorrow. He was described as ‘completely normal’ by his family and claimed that he was not under any kind of duress to have taken his own life.

Gaurav lived with his parents and wife in a flat in Dwarka Sector 19.  

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