New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his final leg of the five-nation Africa visit on Monday addressed the students of Nairobi University in Kenya.
Here are some of the key points of his address to the Nairobi University students:
  • I am happy to be here in energy-filled surroundings.
  • To you, the passionate gen-next of Kenya, I bring the warm friendship of over 800 million youth of India.
  • I understand that there are 42 tribes in Kenya and that people of Indian origin are called the forty-third tribe.
  • I paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi whose statue at this University was unveiled exactly 60 years ago.
  • Money, if you use it, it decreases. Learning, if you use it, it increases.
  • We want to form a long lasting partnership with Africa that does not rely on old models and rules of engagement.
  • With significant presence of Indian companies in Kenya, our investment partnership is robust, diverse and vibrant.
  • As you march towards your destiny, you will find in India a trusted and reliable partner.
  • We must be equally condemning of those who give shelter to terrorists and use them as political instruments.
  • This is the age of inter dependence. A safe Kenya and a strong Africa is your destiny. Let no one take that away from you.
  • Youth can play an important role in building a counter narrative to extremist ideologies.
  • Nation building is an unending process. Let your actions guide and lead each other.


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