Mumbai: Stepping in to quell discussions about whether Islamic preacher Zakir Naik will be arrested on his return to India or not, the Maharashtra State Intelligence Department (SID) on Tuesday stated that there was no possibility – currently – of the preacher being put under arrest.

“There is no case to be made out against the English-speaking preacher, except maybe the possible charge of hurting religious sentiments, but even that cannot be established from his speeches. We are tracking his movements and only if he speaks out of turn, can we pin him down on a charge. For now, we are closely monitoring him,” said one police officer conducting probe into the case.

The SID, in its probe, had gone through hundreds of Naik’s speeches and videos to ascertain whether he had intentionally meant to cause disharmony through his preaching. The SID also revealed that one of Naik’s associates had professed that Naik was using money earned from his speeches to invest in the stock market, an activity which cannot be considered illegal in any way.

NewsX had earlier published that “for a viable prosecution of Zakir Naik, the Supreme Court will have to take a hard look at whether Naik really blew off the cap for harmony and acted under Sections 153A (Promoting enmity between different groups) and Section 295A (Intending to outrage religious feelings) of the Indian Penal Code.”

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