New Delhi: Marking another tally to incidences of open violence against consumption and trade of beefs, a mob in Somnath, Gujarat thrashed cow skin traders with baton to try and serve instant justice without the assistance of police.

The ‘disturbing’ trend was captured by an onlooker as the traders were stripped off their shirts and thrashed with baton in full view of the public. Albeit the accused men entreat the public for forgiveness, the frenzied mob refuses to entertain their plea. The men are then lined up in the busy street and are subjected to baton-thrashing one by one. 




Activist Rahul Easwar, when asked about this recent incident, said that cow was a very strong sentiment in India and it was merely a reaction. However, he condemned this form of vigilantism and said that a cow policy must be introduced by the government.

FIR has been lodged against the six accused. 

Not only beating, others have faced graver consequences for possession of beefs in their home i.e. Dadri lynching.


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