New Delhi: Gaurav Tiwari, the 32-year old paranormal investigator, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the bathroom of his Dwarka house, was not always an activist for ‘unusual’ activities.
A believer of paranormal activities, Gaurav felt the presence of an ‘unknown force’ in his rented house in the US where he trained to be a pilot. He deemed it to be the reason behind the negative spiral in his profession as a pilot. It was this that pushed him into studying about the death and undying that he soon became an expert on paranormal activity.
Interesting facts about Gaurav Tiwari
  • Gaurav Tiwari was a certified Leading Paranormal Investigator, Certified UFO Field Investigator  and a ParaNexus representative in India.
  • He was a real-life paranormal researcher and dealt with more than just screams and sobs.
  • Tiwari, a month before his death had told his wife that a negative force was ‘pulling him towards it’ and that he is unable to push it away.
  • Gaurav was the CEO and Founder of Indian Paranormal Society.
  • He also promoted paranormal research on different television channels in India.
  • He shared the small screen space with MTV’s popular show Girl’s Night Out with Rannvijay, Haunted Weekends with Sunny Leone and various other shows on different News Channels such as Aaj Tak, Live India, News 24, Star TV, Zee TV etc.
  • Gaurav was also seen as an expert in Sony TV’s new series Bhoot Aaya which was based on his research and investigations.
  • He also appeared as a paranormal expert on Zee Fear Files and other international paranormal radio shows
  • Gaurav gained international fame for himself and his team after busting the haunting myths of Bhangarh.
  • Gaurav had also featured as an investigator for ‘SyFy’s series called ‘Haunting: Australia’ with Robb Demarest who was ex-lead investigator for Ghost Hunters International.
  • Gaurav has also played character roles in Television serials and Movies like Tango Charlie, 16 December, Sach Honge Sapney.
  • The founder of the Indian Paranormal Society had reportedly been to more than 6,000 haunted locations.

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