Mumbai: Police at Andheri, Mumbai had another case to uncover and unravel after they discovered the body of a 25-year-old woman hanging by the ceiling in a flat.

The model, who was purportedly struggling in the industry, has been named as Karamjeet Kaur. A day before the festival of Eid, Karamjeet had flown in to Mumbai from Delhi to stay at a male friend’s place.

On midnight Wednesday when Karamjeet’s friend returned to the flat, he found out that the door was locked from inside but got no response from Karamjeet.

Fearing that something was wrong, Karamjeet’s friend contacted the police and shared the information. They later discovered Karamjeet’s lifeless body hanging from the ceiling fan.

Police are conducting preliminary investigation into the matter and are questioning the model’s male friend.

The reason behind Karamjeet’s suicide is not known as of now.   

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