Maharashtra: Congress President Sonia Gandhi, while speaking at “Shankarrao Chavan Smriti Smaroh” in Nanded, Maharashtra on Thursday said that the BJP government had disrespected the people’s mandate by toppling an elected government.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated the dismissed Nabam Tuki government by calling the Centre’s decision “illegal and unconstitutional”. Recalling the Arunachal decision and the debacle in Uttarakhand faced by the Centre, Sonia Gandhi said, “The present government, in its greed for power, toppled the elected government of Arunachal and Uttarakhand and disrespected the people’s mandate.”

“Had Shakarrao been alive today, he would’ve been deeply hurt to see all this and would’ve objected to these unconstitutional steps,” said the Congress president.

Sonia also stated that the people of the country were “proud of the Supreme Court for protecting the Constitution and Democracy”.   

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