India’s most famous (in standards of how paranormal researchers achieve fame) Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari died mysteriously in his bathroom at his Dwarka home – that is the chosen narrative of the incident. But many are sceptical about whether he died under the influence of something mysterious; after all, a marital discord, a family situation in wreck, can all equally lead to a disastrous life.

From Ed and Lorraine’s archives to India’s long journey with palatial spirits, there have been isolated incidences that come across as undeniable proof of the dead. A living consciousness even after death is a plausible theory, otherwise, what end is there to one’s consciousness?

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Mental disability

The Amityville Horror is the best example of a spirit creating mental distortion through sounds — presenting things to the individual that is not actually present. Researching into paranormal activities can lead to mental breakdowns. Investigators who are so obsessed with finding voices in their recordings eventually develop a symptom of breakdown where they hear voices that aren’t actually there. The voices in the movies are grossly manipulated and exaggerated; what paranormal investigators really depend on are scratching noises, a simple howl and other unusual voices.


Not only you, but they can follow you too

If you go looking for a ghost in the cemetery and do everything you can to summon them, chances are that they’ll follow you home. Spirits, demons, wanderers, whatever you call them, they are constantly roaming around in their own energy. And if real-life researchers are to be believed, they can follow you home feeling that they are attached to you or something that you possess. If there are good spirits, it also means there are bad ones too.


Real life dangers

Paranormal Investigation usually happens at night, not because night time is the ghost’s time, but because it is the quietest, said Gaurav Tiwari. But when you’re going out in the middle of the night to places uncommon and unknown, you are exposing yourself to things that pose dangers in real life. Wild animals, robbers, cliffs and other things out in the public translate into grave danger for you.

The debate on whether there are paranormal entities present in this world is a discussion for another time. Without conclusive evidence, morphed pictures and hoax stories, the perception of ghosts are as alien as alien themselves. Only time will tell.


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