Mumbai: Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, who attracted controversy following the Dhaka terror attack, clarified his stance on terrorism and all elements of terrorist activities before the Indian media on Friday. 
Condemning the terror attack in Nice, France, the Islamic preacher said that he had never advocated suicide bombing or violence against non-Muslims. 
Mentioned below are ten things that Zakir Naik said:
1. Suicide bombing: If suicide bombing is such that takes the lives of innocent people, then it is condemnable. Historically, suicide bombing is allowed only as a war tactic where a country has to win an important battle.
2. A pen-drive: I have answered the 30 major allegations by the media that were raised against me.  In the pen-drive, all of the answers are mentioned. 
3. I am a messenger of peace and I condemn the action of killing people who are innocent. Killing one person is tantamount to killing humanity, as it is mentioned in Islam. 
4. I am always here if you want any clarifications. But I want to be questioned by an unbiased mind. 
5. There are some speakers of Islam who manipulate people into performing terrorist activities. I totally condemn them. It is against Quran; they should be arrested. 
6. On Peace TV ban: Peace TV was never given down-linking permission by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB). If it does not have the permission, how can it be banned? England, one of the strictest countries on down-linking, has given me permission. I would like to ask the Bangladesh government why they banned my channel. 
7. I do not know the illiteracy rate among Muslims. 
8. Media has misquoted whatever I have said. They have taken by speech out of context and applied it somewhere else with a different notion. 
9. On coming to India: If there is an official body of the government which requires me, then I will be readily present. But I will not stand the media trial; it is not a valid platform. No official government authorities have approached me. 
10. Killing someone is the second biggest sin in Islam. 

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